2013/2014 – 1st Year Soccer

COMPETITIONS: First Year Munster Cup and First Year Cork Cup

MANAGERS: Mr. Croke & Mr. O Donovan

CAPTAINS: Rory Doyle (Munster Cup) & Conor Russell (Cork Cup)

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Rory Doyle (Corrinthians)

RECORD: P9      W8     D0     L1     F35     A9

SCORERS: Rory Doyle (9) , Ross Slevin (7), Jaze Kabia (5), Evan Donlon (4), Shane Downey (4), Conor Russell (2), David Malone (1), Adam Hennsessy (1), David Sexton (1), Cormac Collins (1)


23-01-14 – Round 1: Carrigaline Community School 2      Rochestown 3

Rochestown kicked off their defence of the First Year Cork Cup with a hard fought 3-2 win over local rivals Carrigaline Community School. Despite having a lot of possession, Roco found it very difficult to break down a very good Carriagline defensive unit. With Conor Russell dominating at defence, David Sexton spreading the ball around the pitch and the front three of Adam Hennessy, Rory Doyle and Ross Slevin pressing high up the pitch, Roco eventually got their reward after 20 mins with Rory Doyle doing an excellent “Bergkamp” style turn around the defender and slotting in off the right post to put Roco one up.

Roco started the second half well and went two up on 40 mins when Rory Doyle scored after some great work from Adam Hennessy and David Sexton. However, Carrigaline bounced back and scored one of their own almost immediately. Carrigaline were now coming more into it but Roco edged back in front when Rory Doyle played an excellent through ball for Ross Slevin to run onto to make it 3-1 with 5 mins to go. Carriagline to their credit never gave up and scored their second with 3 minutes remaining to set up a tense final few minutes. Rochestown despite being under pressure held out to win 3-2. Best on the day were Conor Russell, Joe O Connell, David Sexton and Man of the Match: Rory Doyle.

Team: 1. Alan Kelliher (Corrinthians) 2. Joe O’Connell (Douglas Hall) 3. Colin O’Mahony (Corrinthians) 4.Conor Russell (Corrinthians) 5. Patrick Buckley (Corrinthians) 6. David Malone (Douglas Hall) 7. Jaze Kabia (Corrinthians) 8. Ross Slevin (Carrigaline) 9. David Sexton (Carrigaline) 10. Rory Doyle (Corrinthians) 11. Adam Hennessy (Douglas Hall)     Subs: 12. Shane Downey (Douglas Hall) for 7.Kabia

18-02-14 – Quarter Final: St.Brogans, Bandon 0      Rochestown 4

Rochestown qualified for the semi-final of the Cork Cup after a dominant 4-0 win that could have been a lot more. Roco took the lead after just two minutes when Jaze Kabia broke down through the middle past the two central defenders and unselfishly squared the ball for Ross Slevin to finish. Roco dominated all over the pitch with the midfield trio of Adam Hennessy, David Sexton and David Malone impressing and setting the platform for each Roco attack. However, despite Roco creating several chances, Brogans defence held out through some excellent goalkeeping and last ditch defending.

Roco made several changes at half time but continued to dominate with all subs impressing. Rory Doyle and Shane Downey were tormenting the Brogans defense and Roco got the second 5 mins into the second half after good work from the wingers set up Cormac Collins for a neat finish into the corner.

The onslaught continued and Ross Slevin added a third quickly after following a great solo down the right. Shane Downey then added a fourth with five minutes to go when he volleyed in superbly from the edge of the box for the goal of the season so far. Man of the Match: David Malone

Team: 1. Alan Kelliher (Corrinthians) 2. Fionn Moore (Passage) 3. Patrick Buckley (Corrinthians)  4.Conor Russell (Corrinthians) 5. Joe O’Connell (Douglas Hall) 6. David Sexton (Carrigaline) 7. Ross Slevin (Carrigaline) 8. Jaze Kabia (Corrinthians) 9. David Malone (Douglas Hall) 10. Rory Doyle (Corrinthians) 11. Adam Hennessy (Douglas Hall)     Subs: 12. Cormac Collins (Avondale) for 11.Hennessy, 13. Colin O Mahony (Corrinthians)  for 3.Buckley, 15. Thomas Murphy (Douglas Hall) for 5.O.Connell, 16. Dylan O Flaherty for 7.Slevin,  17.Evan Donlon for 9.Malone 18. Shane Downey (Douglas Hall) for 8.Kabia


14-05-14 – Semi Final: Douglas Community School 1      Rochestown 3

This local derby was a clash between two of Munster’s strongest teams and saw Roco come out on top after an excellent game.

Douglas started this game on top and hit the post very early on after a raid down the left. After 10 mins, they took the lead after some good work down the right produced a cross which the Douglas striker finished off despite Alan Kelliher’s excellent effort to get to it. However, Roco would hit back just two minutes later when a Conor Russell free kick eluded the Douglas keeper and flew into the top corner. Half time came with the game finely poised at 1-1.

Roco started the second half much better and after 10 minutes went into a 2-1 lead when a Douglas defender mishit a long ball form Joe O’Connell and Jaze Kabia ran in behind the defence to score on his home pitch. Roco were now working very hard with David Sexton and Rory Doyle dominating midfield and Ross Slevin now causing havoc on the wing.

With 3 minutes to go, a long ball by the superb Conor Russell was cleared by the Douglas keeper but only to the feet of the ever running Adam Hennessy who despite being 30 yards out and a lot of work to do, lobbed the Douglas keeper to seal the win for Roco. A superb all round performance which sees Roco now playing Christians in the final. Man of the Match: Conor Russell

Team: 1. Alan Kelliher (Corrinthians) 2. Fionn Moore (Passage) 3. Patrick Buckley (Corrinthians)  4.Conor Russell (Corrinthians) 5. Joe O’Connell (Douglas Hall) 6. David Sexton (Carrigaline) 7. Ross Slevin (Carrigaline) 8. Jaze Kabia (Corrinthians) 9. David Malone (Douglas Hall) 10. Rory Doyle (Corrinthians) 11. Adam Hennessy (Douglas Hall)     Subs: 12. Shane Downey (Douglas Hall) for 8.Kabia


30-01-14 – Round 1: MICC Dunmanway 1 Rochestown 4

The defence of the First Year All Ireland trophy kicked off against MICC Dunmanway. Roco got off to a flyer in this one and dominated from the start. After just 4 mins, Ross Slevin finished off a nice move involving Jaze Kabia and Rory Doyle to put Roco one up. Doyle and Slevin were causing a lot of problems for the Dunmanway defence with Doyle in particular having several shots that were very close. He eventually got his reward when on 8 mins he finished off a great move which came from clever play down the left from the rampaging Adam Hennessy, Shane Downey and Ross Slevin. Dunmanway to their credit defended very well and did have a few half chances but 5 mins before half time, Jaze Kabia picked up the ball 25 yards out and let fly into the top right hand corner to make it 3-0 to Roco at half time.

The second half continued as the first with half time sub Evan Donlon particularly impressive with his passing and raids down the left. Dunmanway to their credit kept at it and scored with a terrific finish from their centre forward who looked lively and dangerous all day.

With the score now at 3-1, Rochestown stepped up another gear and had several close attempts on the Dunmanway goal before Evan Donlon was felled in the area to give Roco a penalty. Donlon took the penalty himself but the keeper saved down to his right. It was short lived relief though as Kabia and Slevin continued to cause havoc down the right and this lead to a great move that was finished off by the impressive Shane Downey who was now playing at centre forward. Downey would go on to also hit the post and Cormac Collins also had a great shot saved by the keeper. In the end it finished 4-1 to Rochestown with all players impressing. Man of the Match: Shane Downey

Team: 1. Callum Finnegan (Ringmahon) 2. Fionn Moore (Passage) 3. Adam Hennessy (Douglas Hall)   4.Conor Russell (Corrinthians) 5. Joe O’Connell (Douglas Hall)  6. David Malone (Douglas Hall) 7. Ross Slevin (Carrigaline) 8. Jaze Kabia (Corrinthians) 9. David Sexton (Carrigaline) 10. Rory Doyle (Corrinthians) 11. Shane Downey (Douglas Hall)     Subs: 12. Evan Donlon (Douglas Hall) for 10. Doyle, 13. Conor Cronin (Douglas Hall) for 3. Hennessy, 14.Patrick Vaughan (Douglas Hall) for 6.Malone, 15. Dylan Fenton (Douglas Hall) for 7.Slevin, 16.Cormac Collins (Douglas Hall)  for 7.Kabia

05-02-14 – Round 2: Rochestown 2 PBC 0

Rochestown finished off the group stage by topping the group after a 2-0 win over local rivals Pres. Rochestown started well and dominated possession in the first half but struggled to  break down a very well organised Pres defence. It took some magic from Jaze Kabia and a fine solo by Ross Slevin down the wing to unhinge the pres defence with Ross supplying a beautiful cross for Shane Downey to score at the back post. On a rare Pres attack, Alan Kelliher did very well to hold on to a Pres free kick that looked destined for the goal. Joe O Connell also made one crucial tackle to prevent pres going in level at the break.

Against a strong breeze in the second half, Roco kept possession very well with David Sexton linking play very well in the middle. 10 Minutes in, Rochestown got their second when Jaze Kabia, who was now playing in a deeper role and taking hold of the game, provided a great pass to Ross Slevin who ran beyond the Pres defence to make it 2-0. Roco brought on several of their panel at this stage and the strength of the panel was shown as it didn’t weaken the side at all with all substitutes impressing. Roco won the game 2-0 with ease and have now topped their group and play Deerpark in the next round. Man of the Match: Jaze Kabia

Team: 1. Alan Kelliher (Corrinthians) 2. Patrick Buckley (Corrinthians) 3. Adam Hennessy (Douglas Hall)  4.Conor Russell (Corrinthians) 5. Joe O’Connell (Douglas Hall) 6. David Malone (Douglas Hall) 7. Ross Slevin (Carrigaline) 8. Jaze Kabia (Corrinthians) 9. David Sexton (Carrigaline) 10. Rory Doyle (Corrinthians) 11. Shane Downey (Douglas Hall)     Subs: 12. Evan Donlon (Douglas Hall) for 10. Doyle, 13. Dylan O Flaherty (Carrigaline) for 9.Sexton, 14. Colin O Mahony (Corrinthians) 15. Sam O Sullivan (Corrinthians) for 11.Downey, 16. Fionn Moore (Passage) for 6.Malone, 17.Cormac Collins (Avondale) for 7.Slevin, 18.Callum Finnegan (Ringmahon) for 1.Kelliher, 19. Thomas Murphy (Douglas Hall) for 5.O Connell

26-02-14 – Round 4: Rochestown 4 Deerpark 0

Rochestown qualified for the last 32 of Munster by defeating Deerpark 4-0 in a match that was totally dominated by Rochestown. Rory Doyle and Ross Slevin in particular caused a number of problems for the Deerpark defence but good defensive work from Deerpark especially from their goalkeeper kept the score 0-0 at half-time.

However, it was only a matter of time for Rochestown who had already hit the post 3 times and had several great saves by the away keeper. On 35 mins, Evan Donlon broke the deadlock after a fine solo down the left and a neat finish into the far corner. Donlon was again involved shortly after and after some fine work initially set up Ross Slevin but Evan made no mistake when the ball came back to him to make it 2-0.

Rory Doyle got the goal he deserved in the 45th minute after he had tormented the Deerpark defence all day. Then came the goal of the game with Jaze Kabia soloing past 4 players to slot the ball under the keeper to make it 4-0. A great performance all round. Man of the Match: Ross Slevin

Team: 1. Alan Kelliher (Corrinthians) 2. Patrick Buckley (Corrinthians) 3. Adam Hennessy (Douglas Hall)  4.Conor Russell (Corrinthians) 5. Joe O’Connell (Douglas Hall) 6. Evan Donlon (Douglas Hall) 7. Ross Slevin (Carrigaline) 8. Jaze Kabia (Corrinthians) 9. David Sexton (Carrigaline) 10. Rory Doyle (Corrinthians) 11. Shane Downey (Douglas Hall)     Subs: 12. David Malone (Douglas Hall) for 6. Donlon, 13. Colin O Mahony (Corrinthians)  for 3.Hennessey, 15. Sam O Sullivan (Corrinthians) for 11.Downey, 16. Fionn Moore (Passage) for 2.Buckley,  19. Thomas Murphy (Douglas Hall) for 5.O Connell

28-03-14 – Round 5: Nagle 2 Rochestown 7

Round 5 saw Roco take a short trip to Nagle CC for the last 16 of Munster. This was as one sided a game as it gets with Roco taking the lead after just 45 secs through Conor Russell with a fine header from a corner. Conor would go on to be a serious threat all day from set pieces.

Roco quickly went 2-0 up when Rory Doyle went on a run down the left, dribbled past 3 defenders and nutmegged the keeper. Doyle would go onto score again shortly after to make it 3-0 and then set up David Malone after a fantastic run by Shane Downey to make it 4-0 at half time.

Roco rang in the changes at half time but continued to dominate and were awarded a penalty shortly after half time which Jaze Kabia converted. Evan Donlon continued his fine goalscoring form with two well taken goals towards the end. Nagle scored two consolation goals towards the end of the game which finished 7-2 to the visitors. This sets up a Munster QF against the formidable De La Salle of Waterford. Man of the Match: Shane Downey

Team: 1. Callum Finnegan (Ringmahon FC) 2. Fionn Moore (Passage) 3. Patrick Buckley (Corrinthians)   4.Conor Russell (Corrinthians) 5. Joe O’Connell (Douglas Hall) 6. Adam Hennessy (Douglas Hall)  7. David Malone (Douglas Hall) 8. Jaze Kabia (Corrinthians) 9. David Sexton (Carrigaline) 10. Rory Doyle (Corrinthians) 11. Shane Downey (Douglas Hall)     Subs: 12. Evan Donlon (Douglas Hall) for 6. Hennessy, 13. Colin O Mahony (Corrinthians)  for 3.Buckley, 14. Sam O Sullivan (Corrinthians) for 8.Kabia, 15. Thomas Murphy for 2.Moore,  16. Dylan O’Flaherty for 9.Sexton, 17. Cormac Collins for 10.Doyle 

28-03-14 – Munster QF: De La Salle 3 Rochestown 2

Rochestown surrendered their grip on the Munster and All Ireland titles after a titanic battle with competition favourites De La Salle. In truth, Roco had most of the possession during this game and ended up losing to 3 goals against the run of play as they pushed hard each time to get a goal themselves. Roco started well with Ross Slevin bringing a fine save from the De La Salle keeper. However, after 10 mins in De La Salle’s first attack, their centre forward poked the ball to the net to put De La Salle 1-0 up against the run of play. De La salle would score a second on 20 mins, again against the run of play when their left winger finished off after some scrappy play in the Roco area. It was 2-0 at half time in a match that Rochestown had done extremely well in thus far but were hit with two suckerpunch goals.

Roco started the second half very brightly and upped a gear. They got their reward after 10 mins when Jaze Kabia finished off a Ross Slevin cross. 5 mins later, Ross would run past the defence to equalise and make it 2-2. Roco were now well on top and pushed hard to get the third goal. With 5 mins remaining, De La Salle No.8 and Manchester United trialist would head clear a corner and then chase down the clearance. Not only did he clear the ball but ended up running the length of the pitch, going past 4 Roco players before scoring the winner. A terrific finish from their Man of the Match but definitely not what Roco deserved having dominated for so long. The game would finish 3-2 and Roco are now out of Munster. Credit must be given to De La Salle who are a very good team unit and will probably go on to win the competition. Man of the Match for Roco on the day was David Malone

Team: 1. Alan Kelliher (Corrinthians) 2. Fionn Moore (Passage) 3. Patrick Buckley (Corrinthians)   4.Conor Russell (Corrinthians) 5. Joe O’Connell (Douglas Hall) 6. Adam Hennessy (Douglas Hall)  7. David Malone (Douglas Hall) 8. Jaze Kabia (Corrinthians) 9. David Sexton (Carrigaline) 10. Rory Doyle (Corrinthians) 11. Ross Slevin (Carrigaline)    Subs: 12. Shane Downey (Douglas) for 2.Moore

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